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Board Agenda and Minutes

pdfWPSB regular Meeting Agenda May, 2022 pdfWPSB Board and Committee Meeting Notice 4-25-2022 pdfApril 2022 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfMarch 2022 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfMarch 2022 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfFebruary 2022 WPSB Committee Meeting Agenda pdfFebruary 2022 Board Meeting Agenda pdfJanuary 2022 Committee Agenda pdfJanuary 2022 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfDecember 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfNovember 2021 Committee Agenda pdfWPSB November, 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfOctober 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfOctober 2021 Committee Meeting Notice pdfSeptember 2021 Budget Hearing pdfSeptember 2021 Regular Meeting minutes pdfAugust 2021 Regular Meeting minutes pdfJuly 2021 Regular Meeting minutes pdfOctober, 2021 Meeting Notice and Agenda pdfSeptember 2021 Meeting Agenda pdfAugust 2021 Committee Meeting Notice pdfAugust 2021 Regular Board Meeting Notice pdfRegular Meeting 02-01-2021 pdfRegular Meeting 01-04-2021 pdfRegular Meeting 12-07-2020 pdfRegular Meeting 11-02-2020 pdfSpecial Session 11-30-2020 pdfJuly, 2021 Special Meeting and Committee Notice pdfFinal Revised Consolidated Budget 06-30-21 pdf2021 Staffing pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 062821 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 060721 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 050321 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 030121 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 030121 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 040201 pdf pdfWPSB Board Special Meeting 06/28/2021 pdfSpecial Called Meeting June 14, 2021 pdfJune, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda pdfMay 2021 Committee Agenda pdfMay, 2021 Board Meeting Notice and Agenda pdfApril 2021 Committee Meeting Notice pdfApril, 2021 Board Meeting Notice pdfMarch, 2021 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB March 1, 2021 Meeting Agenda pdfFebruary 22, 2021 Committee Notice pdfFebruary 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfJanuary 21 committee meeting agenda pdfWPSB Board Meeting Agenda - 1/4/21 pdfNovember 2020 Regular Meeting Notice pdfOctober 2020 Committee Meeting Notice pdfOctober 2020 Board Meeting Minutes pdfSeptember 14, 2020 Ad Valorem Tax Meeting pdfSeptember 14, 2020 Budget Hearing pdfSeptember 2020 Board Meeting Minutes pdfSeptember 2020 Budget Hearing pdfAugust 2020 Board Meeting Minutes pdfOctober 2020 Meeting Agenda pdfSeptember 2020 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfAugust 2020 Committee Meeting Notice pdfBoard Minutes July 21, 2020 pdfBoard Minutes - July 6, 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Agenda - Aug. 3, 2020 pdfFinal Revised Consolidated Budget 06-30-20 pdfSchool Staff 20-21 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - June 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - June 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - May 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - April 2020 pdfJune 2020 Board Meeting Agenda pdfApril Board Meeting pdfMay 2020 Meeting Notice pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - 031720 Special pdfWPSB Special Meeting - 3/17/2020 COVID-19 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - November 2019 pdfMarch Board Meeting Agenda pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - Feb 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - January 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - December, 2019 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes - November 2019 Special pdfFebruary Committee packet pdfFebruary 2020 Board Packet pdfJanuary Committee Packet pdfJanuary Board Meeting Packet pdfDecember Board Packet pdfOctober Committee Packet pdfBeginning Consolidated Budget 2019-20 pdfNotice of Public Meeting 8-5-2019 pdfSseptember Minutes pdfOctober Minutes pdfSeptember Budget Hearing Minutes pdfWPSB July Board Packet pdfWPSB June Board Packet - Special pdfWPSB June Board Packet pdfMay Committee Packet pdfWPSB Committee Meeting Agenda 4-30-19 pdfWPSB May Board Packet pdfWPSB 10-01-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 10-01-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 09-04-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 08-27-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 09-04-2018 Budget Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 08-06-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfAugust Minutes pdfWPSB 08-06-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 07-02-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfJuly Minutes pdfWPSB 07-02-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 06-25-2018 Special Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 06-04-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfJune Minutes pdfJune Special Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 06-04-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 05-21-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 05-07-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfMay Minutes pdfWPSB 05-07-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfRevised Consolidated Budget for publication - May 2018 pdfWPSB 04-23-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 04-09-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfApril Minutes pdfWPSB 04-09-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 03-19-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 03-05-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfMarch Minutes pdfWPSB 03-05-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 02-05-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 02-26-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 02-05-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfFebruary Minutes pdfWPSB 01-29-2018 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfJanuary Board Minutes pdfWPSB 01-08-2018 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 01-08-2018 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 12-04-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 12-04-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 11-06-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 11-06-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 10-30-2017 Committee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 10-02-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 10-02-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 09-25-2017 Commiittee Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 09-05-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes pdfBeginning Consolidated Budget for publication - Sept 2017 pdfWPSB 09-05-2017 Budget Hearing Meeting Minutes pdfWPSB 08-07-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda pdfWPSB 08-07-2017 Regular Meeting Minutes


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Counseling Services

Winn Parish Resource Directory or

Dial 211 for Essential Community Services


Students with Disabilities Family Toolbox located here...


Special information for parents and virtual learning can be found here!

Contact Information

Winn Parish School Board
304 E. Court St
Winnfield, Louisiana 71483
Phone: (318) 628-6936